There are many, many bootcamps out there!

Why choose this one? First, you’ll note that almost every bootcamp is a “coding” bootcamp. This generally means that you are focusing on learning how to build iOS apps, Android apps, or web applications using web application frameworks and programming languages. As someone who has been coding since about 5 years old, I can tell you that while coding seems natural to coders, there is often a steep learning curve as you approach your first language. Even the easiest programming languages all share the same concepts with complex ones. But not everyone needs to be a coder! Why? Because not everyone needs to build native mobile apps or web applications. Taking stock of the entire ecosystem of the World Wide Web and smartphone applications, there are billions upon billions of web pages and websites. The number of native apps may be in the millions, and perhaps the same for web applications.

Clearly, web pages and websites that simply present content outnumber their more advanced cousins that provide some increased functionality. But I didn’t see any bootcamps providing this more basic knowledge. It was almost assumed that it was so easy, you’d just learn it on your own!

As the Quora article mentions, you should assess or be aware of your own learning style. If you prefer hands-on assistance, and have no prior experience with building web pages and websites, then this bootcamp is for you! If you struggle to learn on your own, find the time to dedicate, or lose focus – then this bootcamp is for you! My curriculum is a reflection of my accessible, friendly teaching style. It incorporates the business knowledge I’ve gained over the past 15 years, as well as instructional and teaching knowledge from my masters program and time spent as a part-time lecturer.

So, if your goal is to truly learn the fundamentals of how the web works, to test the waters of web design, or to transition into a growing career space, then this is the bootcamp for you! Afterwards, you may find you are then ready for a more advanced coding bootcamp if your goal is to be a developer. But the world still needs designers too! You’ll be fluent in the basic concepts of usability, accessibility, and user experience, and know how to analyze sites and HTML5/CSS3 code to see what is going on underneath the hood. These skills will serve you well in any web-related position.