Introduction to UX and Design Thinking

Course Details

Topics covered:
design thinking process, problem definition,
sketching, prototyping, app flow, user testing, interviewing

Note that days are not contiguous. Each are offered as a 1-day workshop at different times
(but typically following each other).


In this compressed 1 day training, we'll focus in on the key skills necessary to create a prototype. We'll use the example of creating a mobile application. Starting with an overview of the design thinking process, we'll quickly move into techniques that begin with pencil-and-paper sketching, and then practice translating those sketches to interactive prototypes.

At the end of the day, you'll be able to follow and execute a basic design process to create and document ideas for mobile applications. Your imagination is the limit!


No matter how quickly we run through the material on day 1, there's never enough time to complete a full digital prototype! We'll start the day 2 workshop picking up where we left off, building out a digital prototype application flow based on problem space definition and paper sketches. Our goal is to get through 2 iterations of prototyping and user testing by the end of the workshop! Ready set GO!


Ben Bakelaar is the founder of Human Experience Systems and dSpace Design Bootcamp (formerly NJ UX Web Design Bootcamp). He has 9 years of academic experience in the field of information science, usability, and user experience, including a Master of Library and Information Science and a Mini-Masters in User Experience Design from Rutgers. He has been an adjunct professor in the Information Technology & Informatics program for the past several years, teaching web design, prototyping, and human-computer interaction. He built his first website in 1995!

Jon Thomas is a UX Generalist. After building his first computer as an adolescent he began developing applications and websites a couple years later. This lead to an internship as a graphic artist and website designer. With a Master’s degree in User Experience Design from Rutgers University, 6+ years of management and 4 years of UX work, he accepts every new challenge as an opportunity to involve customers and clients during product development in order to have the best customer experience possible at launch and every iteration of the product lifecycle.